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Marvel: More Marvel Goodies in the Secret Wars Event

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Marvel?s Secret Wars event is in full swing and we are only getting the best of the deal.

One thing people can expect from Secret Wars is that there will be parallel universes and a different re-telling of familiar stories. One such re-telling is told to us by an article coming from Comic Book; a familiar artifact which made an appearance in the movies already, and whose wielder has been seen once or twice in Marvel?s Cinematic Universe. It would be interesting to note that this character?wielder of the said artifact?appears not to be who he is in the normal Universe.

Also, in another article coming from Superhero Hype, we are treated to a plethora of different worlds as Secret Wars continues its slow and steady march. We are treated to a different landscape?one that?s reeling from the effects of the Secret Wars. We are treated to a different world chock-full of a hero we are familiar with, as well as another world which is as savage as if wild animals were roaming in it?the Spider-Verse and Planet Hulk, respectively.

Enter the Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet had been referred to time and again in the Marvel Universe, and as it looks like, it?s going to make an appearance one more time in the comic books. In the Secret Wars event, even the Infinity Gauntlet isn?t spared as per Comic Book. Marvel announces the first issue of Infinity Gauntlet, a re-imagination of sorts of the original 1991 storyline where Thanos the Mad Titan managed to get hold of all six Infinity Stones.

Whether this makes an appearance in the movies for good remains to be seen, but it?s already been hinted at in some of Marvel?s bigger movies. It should be interesting to note that Thanos almost had his hands on one of them, hadn?t Ronan the Accuser been greedy. What would it be in the Cinematic Universe if Thanos manages to get hold of the Gauntlet? That is one of the major storylines explored in this comic book, which is set in a different universe with a slightly different-yet-familiar Thanos as the driving evil, as per Comic Book.

What?s going on in the Neighborhood

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of Secret Wars is the exploration of different universes.

Secret Wars, as per Superhero Hype, visits different worlds where ?what ifs? are made possible. There are worlds, as per the Superhero Hype article, where Spider-men are prevalent and in full force. There?s one world where there isn?t just one Hulk, but a whole pack of them?or maybe more. Perhaps that?s one of the wonders of the Secret Wars?an exploration of the different possibilities of each universe, opened up because of this event.

What else will we be seeing from this Secret Wars? I would?ve loved to have seen a comic book where Wolverine is truly bestial and Spider-man reverts to the spider-venom in his blood, but that?s just me. Anyway, there is a whole infinity of possibilities in Marvel?s Secret Wars.

Marvel?s Parallel Stories

It would be nice to pick up a comic book and get started during this time, especially since Marvel is making stories which are easy to pick up and get started on. This may be a deliberate plot to get casual fans to become instant followers, since the movies may have presented an avenue for Marvel to introduce or re-release the stories of their different characters.


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