Marvel Legacy: Why It Could Be Better Than DC Rebirth

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Will Marvel Legacy be better than DC Rebirth? [Image from Marvel]

Like the massive DC Universe Rebirth one-shot last year, we’re getting a 50-page Marvel Legacy one-shot in September. Legacy is hoping to bring characters back to their roots, while also being a starting point for newer fans. The similarities are outstanding, to the point that it feels like Marvel is just copying their direct competition.

Despite basically being a stolen idea, Legacy does have the potential to be better than Rebirth when it comes out. Admittedly, DC’s comics have been doing better than Marvel’s as of late, thanks to the latter’s constant character replacing. Saying this might sound a bit controversial, but here are a few reasons why Legacy could be better.

It’s Less Contrived

This might sound hilarious to anyone reading Secret Empire, a comic that has fascist Captain America, but it’s true. Marvel Legacy will be a result of the events from Secret Empire, so we’ll likely see the Cosmic Cube fix everything. It’s a deus ex machina for sure, but the series has done a good job at making the mcguffin feel important.

Compare that to Watchmen character Doctor Manhattan being responsible for the New 52, and the earlier statement makes more sense. That doesn’t mean his presence in the DCU is a bad thing, since the upcoming Doomsday Clock looks very promising. Still, it feels like a twist for the sake of something shocking and Legacy doesn’t seem to be doing that. Of course this could all change when the one-shot comes out, especially with the promise of a fan favorite returning.

The Build Up Is Better

DC Rebirth is great, since it managed to mix in classic elements with new storylines that made the comics feel nostalgic and refreshing. However, the build up to the one-shot wasn’t very good, with the pointless death of the New 52 Superman. The excellent Titans Hunt series did a better job at alluding to Rebirth, but the Superman death gained more focus.

Secret Empire has plenty of haters, due to its controversial subject matter, but fans can easily see how it’s setting up Marvel Legacy. The second issue hinted at the return of the Captain America we know and love, which has been intriguing. Meanwhile the fourth issue had Ultron-Pym deconstruct the current problem with Marvel comics that somehow felt natural to the story.

Now this isn’t saying Secret Empire is flawless, since it took too long to explain why certain heroes joined Hydra. Some of the grimmer moments done by Cap are unforgivable, so the public can’t just trust him after being fixed. Legacy has been built up better for sure, but the consequences have to be remain real for Cap and the other heroes.

It’s Not a Retcon

Just to be clear, DC Rebirth is a force for good in this world and is filled with excellent comics. Tom King has done good work with Batman, and Greg Rucka’s run with Wonder Woman received acclaim. They’re all mostly good. However, the constant continuity fixing seen in various comics, especially the dreadful Superman Reborn crossover, makes it a giant retcon.

For all the fresh new storylines DC has presented, we also saw another retread of Wonder Woman’s history being false. It’s nothing compared to the awful Superman Reborn story, which had the New 52 Superman fuse with the post-Crisis Superman to make the one true version of the character. This is particularly infuriating, since it officially retconned the relationship Superman and Wonder Woman had in the New 52.

Now some fans would argue that those retcons were necessary and Marvel is in need of one. Say what you will about the upcoming Marvel Legacy, but it doesn’t seem like they will be erasing any history; good or bad.

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