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Marvel: Latest Avenger and Star Wars Preview Discussions

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Marvel is on a roll as we speak.

I managed to say that because they?ve been busy in the past few hours as I write this piece. So far, they?ve managed to come out with a trailer for the latest Avengers film, as per Digital Spy UK. While we should all be clearly excited, the trailer doesn?t reveal that much about the Earth?s Mightiest Heroes, or at least, nothing we didn?t see from the first trailer?of course, we?d have to see the whole movie for that.

Just what is it with the new Star Wars comic book series, though? Well, if you?re going to believe Yahoo, there are some things that this companion comic brings to the table. Before the eventual showing of the latest Star Wars film in December?another Disney creation, technically?we are given a glimpse into what the gang had been doing ever since Luke blew up the first Death Star and he came to realize that life was bigger than just being a moisture farmer on Tatooine.

Just Some Juicy Tidbits

Just a refresher?for those of you who missed it, here?s the trailer, as it appears on YouTube and Digital Spy UK:

[jwplayer mediaid=”107944″]

This trailer just provides some other shots of the things we now know about: there?s going to be a Hulkbuster armor; as it appears, the heroes will be in odds against each other; and there?s an extended shot of who appears to be Ulysses Klaw in it. So you see, it?s just a different look at the first trailer we?ve seen. Although there is that figure in the trench coat at 0:32.

Thinking about it, will this be the reason why the Civil War happens?not because of some super-human registration act, as per the comic book storyline? Well, the Cinematic Universe is an entirely different place, so it could be possible. Until the movie comes around, though, we?re left to speculate and discuss.

Now Here?s Some New Tidbits

Another thing to look out for is an extended look at the latest Star Wars comic that Marvel is doing, which would show what our familiar crew has been up to.

The story takes place directly after the Rebel victory against the first Death Star, so it seems. Luke, Leia, and Hand are transformed into key figures of the resistance, along with a new character, as per Yahoo. Jaxxon?a humanoid, green-skinned rabbit, which I?ve never seen before, I have to admit?makes a comeback in these pages, and for comedic relief, as it appears. What?s exciting is that another series is in the works?Darth Vader, a series which takes a look at Vader?s reaction to the fact that his son is alive?as per Yahoo?and had bested him during the Yavin 4 battle.

Timely release or not, these books could potentially refresh hardcore and casual fans alike about the story which took place before Star Wars VII.

No Time to Rest

Marvel?s year seems to be drawing to a furious frenzy as we move halfway into the first month of the year. While Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron is still months away, they?re not about to let the enthusiasm of people wane by releasing trailers?although they can only reveal so much, and most of it, already known. Star Wars is another title keeping them busy?although these are trade paperbacks.


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