Marvel Invites Would-Be Female Avengers to Join Science Contest to Save the World

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Avengers: Marvel Studio is calling out all aspiring girls nationwide between grades 10 and 12 to join the Disney-owned company?s national contest on Friday to invent science or technology projects that is capable of making ?the world a better place.?

Together with its next scheduled installment of its Cinematic Universe, Marvel is challenging all teenage girls ?who are inspired to create a positive world through science and technology? to join the contest.

Dubbed as ?Captain America: Civil War — Girls Reforming the Future Challenge,? the challenge aims to encourage girls from ages 15 to 18 to develop their skills by coming up with original and innovative projects using science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Students may use a new project or an existing one already developed and used for a science competition or just for fun, granting that the creation is beneficial for the human race.

Following the completion of their respective ideas, students should submit a short video demonstrating and explaining how you think the project can be of help to humankind for a chance to grab one of the five finalists? spots between now and March 26.

All five finalists will get a chance to win a trip to Hollywood, California; make an in-person presentation of their science and technology projects at Marvel Studios; receive a $500 High Yield Savings account from Synchrony Bank; participate in Broadcom Masters webinar; and tour around the Walt Disney Studios and Dolby Laboratory Facilities. Not only that, they will be given a rare chance of walking the red carpet during the premier of Civil War, Engadget reports.

Of the finalists, only one will be chosen as the winner and will get a once-in-a-lifetime offer of a weeklong internship at Marvel Studios; however, specific details as to what role the winner will play were not divulged.

The contest, which will run until March 26, is offered to girls as research reveals that both girls, just like boys, are also highly interested in STEM courses but are usually underrepresented, according to the US News.

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