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Marvel: Hulk, Age of Ultron Round-Up

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With Marvel?s Age of Ultron fast approaching, things are heating up this side of the fence.

We all know how Marvel?s Age of Ultron appears to be the movie to watch this 2015. With another run for Marvel?s band of heroes with an unlikely alliance?The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Hawk-Eye?it?s going to be interesting how their characters will be fleshed out even more. While there are no news about a stand-alone Black Widow and/or Hawk-Eye movie, the news on the Hulk seems to be definite.

This Cinema Blend article has an interesting take on why Hulk probably shouldn?t get a solo movie again. It?s been tried two times?one an Eric Bana-starrer which was fairly successful, the other an Edward Norton-starrer which introduced some of the Hulk?s enemies. This time around, though, would it make sense for a third Hulk film? Also, we take a look at this Bella Naija article about the most awaited film of this year?Avengers: Age of Ultron.

A Hulk Film probably a Bad Idea?

Mark Ruffalo?currently the Hulk in the Avengers?shared his thoughts about a new Hulk feature.

As per Cinema Blend, he fears that a full-on Hulk feature would be very taxing to do, as per the nature of Bruce Banner being forced to go Hulk every time. However, it might not be a totally good idea to do a stand-alone Hulk film that centers on this idea. If a Hulk film was to be shown, as per Cinema Blend, it would make sense for the film to explore the other side of Hulk and Banner?sharing the same body leads to a kind of uneasy understanding between the split persona.

There are a lot of plots already in the comic books that can shed light on this plot. A Planet Hulk film wouldn?t be so bad, if it wasn?t so ambitious. That would also pave the way for other Hulk books?one in which he gets extended family. It wouldn?t be so bad to see the son of Hulk and a possible Red Hulk appearance in the films.

Age of Ultron the Movie Everyone Wants to See

It?s official: barring any surprise, Avengers: Age of Ultron is the movie everyone?s dying to see.

There?s a whole lot to see in Avengers? Age of Ultron. From the first movie, we?ve learned that the Avengers have an uneasy alliance that they?ve managed to make work. As per Bella Naija, this second movie will explore the fragile coalition that exists between Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers as he tinkers with fate once again and re-programs Ultron, a dormant peace-keeping program, as per the article. The rest of the Avengers returns for another run, with a few additions in Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver and Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch.

Knowing Marvel, we could expect to see a few surprise cuts in this movie. Expect to see another end-trailer which reveals where the series is headed to.

Marvel?s Plans

As for the Hulk and Avengers going on, it?s clear Marvel plans to include them in one movie together. However, would they risk exploring the Hulk once again for a stand-alone film? If they cast the Hulk in a film, it could possibly make-or-break the green giant. Marvel should play their cards right for the Hulk to make a killing at the box office, if ever there comes a stand-alone film.


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