?Marvel? Heroes To Include Wesley Snipes? Blade Reboot Possbile? Blade To Appear In Doctor Strange?

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A Blade Reboot is not just one of the cards planned by Marvel for Wesley Snipes as the actor may be playing a different character for him to fulfill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The former Blade actor has long announced he may reprise his role in the MCU, however, he has now revealed that another character as strong as Blade is possibly in the works for him to portray.

?For those Blade fans, if we never reprise Blade, I have another character that will stand toe to toe with Blade any day,? Snipes told CBS. Snipes said this after responding to CBS? question on how he would feel if he was approached by Marvel for the upcoming Doctor Strange.

Blade 4 or Blade Reboot?

A Blade 4 film was hinted by Snipes earlier in July, slashfilm reported. ?Marvel and I have decided to have further conversations,? Snipes said.

It however seems that a Blade 4 or a Blade reboot may be scrapped as Snipes hinted before that the movie wouldn?t push through if a bigger project was viable.

?There?s a strong possibility, but not if we have another project that?s going to stand toe to toe with Blade,? Snipes told IGN.

Wesley Snipes in Doctor Strange?

As referenced by the IGN interview, he may have only implied in his CBS interview that he is bringing-in a new role or a new take on Blade for the MCU.

Blade has already appeared alongside Doctor Strange in the Marvel comics. According to Comic Book, Blade and Dr. Strange are regarded as longtime allies who fight against supernatural forces in the comics ?Doctor Strange Vs Dracula: The Montesi Formula. The two, along with the help of the Avemgers, secure a book to temporarily kill all the evil vampires.

Blade was the first successful Marvel movie that came before the release of X-Men and Spider-Man movies, Geek reported. As Snipes is already established as Blade, long-time fans would surely latch onto his film.


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