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Marvel Heroes Omega Differences From PC Version And 2017 Update Roadmap Detailed By Dev

marvel heroes omega
The PC version finally gets some love. [Image from PlayStation]

With all the hype going to Marvel Heroes Omega, fans of the original PC version have felt ignored. The PC version is still called Marvel Heroes 2016, despite the fact that we’re already five months into 2017. After a lack of updates, one of the game’s developers has finally revealed the 2017 plans for the PC version.

Posted in the game’s forums, it’s clear that Gazillion want to show the PC players they aren’t being ignored. To be fair, the content looks like good fun, including new costumes based on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Differences between the PC and console versions have also been addressed, so players can know which version to invest in.

2017 PC Plans

While PC fans aren’t getting the couch co-op in Marvel Heroes Omega, they are getting plenty of new content. Considering how much older the PC version is, expect the content to come to the PS4 at a later date. Here is all the new content coming to the PC game this year, including new fights and characters.

  • May – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2-themed costumes for Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon, Gamora & Drax movie team-ups, and an awesome movie-inspired Groot pet!
  • June – Anniversary gifts, a new danger room tileset with a new boss fight using an up-leveled version of an existing foe, and our usual over-the top Anniversary event.
  • July – A new Daily Bugle Terminal with a brand new boss fight (first as part of an event and then later turned on permanently)
  • Late July – Carnage playable; Carnage has been discussed as a potential playable for a long time. The design team is pretty excited about what they can do with his power set and the awesome visuals of Carnage turning his own body into weapons.
  • September – Apocalypse Terminal
  • November – Thor-related playable content, most likely a new terminal facing down the powerful Hela
  • Late November – Odinson (Unworthy Thor) playable. This incarnation of Thor has a full roster of new powers that change dynamically as he switches between weapons. It’s worth emphasizing that this is a new playable not a special costume.

System Differences

Firstly, a Marvel Heroes Omega patch is coming soon to the PC, so we won’t have to call it 2016 anymore. The PS4 version also has two less equippable items for characters, with the developer stating that some items have changed completely. Sadly, there won’t be any cross-platform trading for players on PC and consoles.

New affixes, new powers and new keywords are also coming to the console version that won’t be on PC. The developers are trying to find ways to differentiate the console version, without it feeling too different. Console fans will have to wait for Omega to come out and see the real differences.

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