Marvel Heroes Omega Characters Priced Differently From PC Version

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Marvel Heroes Omega prices characters based on popularity. [Image from Xbox]

Marvel Heroes Omega is currently in it’s beta phase, and it has gotten a mix of praise and criticism. While it’s still a genuinely fun free-to-play game, PC fans have complained about character prices changing based on popularity. It’s technically an understandable move, but Omega has made some characters more expensive than the 2016 version of the game.

According to fans on Reddit, characters used to be priced based on the time it took to make them. This is why Ghost Rider and Lady Deadpool were expensive in the PC version, according to the Marvel Heroes forums. Now however, it seems like characters are priced based on their popularity, with favorites like Deadpool costing more than others.

Omega Changes

As previously mentioned, characters in the original PC version were more expensive if they were harder to make. This decision has made fans scratch their head in confusion. Some of these popular characters can even be purchased now for a chance at the beta and some exclusive heroes.

The current Founder’s Packs available for purchase can give players early access to Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man and Deadpool for money. While they can eventually be purchased via long grinding, some of them are a bit more expensive than expected. What’s infuriating is that Iron Fist and Symbiote Spider-Man are temporary exclusives to those that buy all the Founder’s Packs.

Marvelous Decisions

Despite these prices and the removal of the Fantastic Four, Marvel Heroes Omega does have a few positive things. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions will get couch co-op, a great feature the PC version still doesn’t have. Fans will definitely enjoy helping each other grind and get the best heroes in the game on consoles.

Here’s hoping that the prices get a bit more balanced soon, since some of them are a wee bit more expensive than they should be. Then again, this is a free-to-play game, so this is sadly an expected part of the gaming business. Fans can always get these characters via grinding if they don’t want to spend money, but that can take a good amount of time.

Marvel Heroes Omega doesn’t have a release date, but the game should get a release date when the beta’s finished. Fans that want to try the game out can buy one or all of the Founder’s Packs to do so. Daredevil will be a free character when the game is launched on consoles.

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