Marvel Heroes Omega Offline Co-Op On PS4 And Xbox One Confirmed

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Couch co-op has been confirmed! [Image from PlayStation]

Comic book fans got excited when the online game Marvel Heroes Omega was announced for the PS4 and Xbox One. Aside from being a port of the super popular PC game, not much is known about the upcoming console ports. Thankfully, a recent video of the game revealed a number of interesting details, the biggest of which is couch co-op.

IGN managed to get 21 minutes of gameplay footage for Omega and revealed that there is offline co-op. After starting with some Old Man Logan action, we see him team up with Doctor Strange for some fun beatdowns. It was revealed that the console versions would launch with 38 heroes, which is 12 less than the PC version.

Ultimate Alliance Feels

With couch co-op announced for the game, it seems like Marvel Heroes Omega is going for an Ultimate Alliance feel. Marvel Ultimate Alliance and it’s sequel Ultimate Alliance 2 had up to four players teaming together, which was super fun. It’s not clear how many players will be able to team up in the couch for Omega, but having the option is quite nice.

Some players still prefer the Ultimate Alliance games over Marvel Heroes, despite the number of characters the latter has. This is why there was so much excitement for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance bundle that came to consoles last year. Even though the ports were lazily put together, the games themselves held up well and it’s clear that Omega took a few cues from that series.

More Marvelous Features?

Aside from a new title and couch co-op, there doesn’t seem to be much new with Marvel Heroes Omega. Visually, it’s a huge step up from the Ultimate Alliance games, but still looks a bit dated compared to other current-gen titles. Then again, the amount of heroes and costumes available for the game should be enough for fans of the Marvel universe.

With characters like Star-Lord, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel, it’s clear that this game is a Marvel fan’s dream come true. Having a number of their alternate costumes helps as well, letting players save the day as 90’s Cyclops or Superior Spider-Man. Hopefully it won’t be as stringy as other free-to-play games, though there might be unique payment plans for console owners.

Marvel Heroes Omega doesn’t have a release date on consoles, but a closed beta will start on April 21 for PS4 while the Xbox One beta comes out at a later date. The game is still available on PC, though it’s a bit dated, calling itself Marvel Heroes 2016. Also available is the Ultimate Alliance bundle for PS4, Xbox One and PC, which now has all the DLC.

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