Marvel Heroes Omega: Fans Not Pleased With Fantastic Four Removal

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marvel heroes omega
The Fantastic Four are not in Marvel Heroes Omega. [Image from Marvel Heroes forums]

When veteran players start Marvel Heroes Omega, they might be shocked to see how the introduction cutscene was edited. Even though they appeared in the PC version, the Fantastic Four were cut completely from Omega, which is pretty disappointing. This is likely due to the movie rights belonging to Fox, a dispute that has disappointed many a fan.

YouTuber Mr Soandso posted the introduction for the game and the comments were quick to point out the FF being cut. While their movies weren’t great, Marvel’s first family have been in a number of quality comics, so it’s a shame. Though developer Gazillion can always add them later, it’s worth noting that they’re already in the PC version.

What The FF?

Considering that Marvel Heroes Omega is the game’s console debut, not having the members of the FF is odd. They were pretty important to the MMO’s story, appearing in some of the PC version’s cutscenes, so that’s disappointing. Admittedly, more characters can be added, but an argument could be made that they should have been there already.

It’s worth noting that the Fantastic Four have no comic book of their own at the moment, another casualty of the dispute. The Human Torch is in the Avengers Unity Squad led by Rogue, while The Thing is an agent of SHIELD. Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman are presumed dead, but are actually celestial beings after the events of Secret Wars.

Omega Changes

With 38 heroes and offline co-op, it wouldn’t have been too crazy to expect the FF in Marvel Heroes Omega. Doctor Doom is the main villain after all and he’s one of the Fantastic Four’s greatest foes, so not having them is sad. Fans of these characters can only hope for them to be available later on, especially since Human Torch and Thing have new looks that can be used.

Until Marvel and Fox can resolve their differences, it looks like we’ll have to expect the FF not to appear in any upcoming Marvel games. Most fans want Marvel to win, since Fox has treated the FF poorly in movies, unlike the X-Men. The FF were also omitted from games like Marvel Future Fight and Contest of Champions, which was sad, but expected.

Marvel Heroes Omega has no release date yet, but players can access the beta by buying the Founder’s Packs. There are a number of them, ranging from US$19.99 to US$59.99.

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