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Marvel Heroes Omega: All Available Characters And Costumes At Launch

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marvel heroes omega
All 38 characters available during launch. [Image from Marvel]

Marvel Heroes Omega has no release date yet, but the open beta for the game on PS4 is now available in some countries. Because of this, some players have been able to access the characters and costumes that will be available at launch. Unfortunately, some of them have to be bought with money, but that’s the nature of free-to-play games, even on consoles.

To the credit of the developers, the characters that will be unlockable at launch are diverse and comic fan favorites. Also worthy of praise are the costumes, even though some are temporary exclusives to those that buy the Founder’s Packs. YouTube personality JayShockBlast confirmed that some of them can be unlocked through grinding, by pointing out their in-game currency price.

Characters and Costumes

While having less characters than the current PC version, Marvel Heroes Omega will have 38 playable heroes at launch. That’s still a staggering amount of characters to play with, so fans of Marvel comics should have a good time. Comic book fans will appreciate the amount of effort put into these alternate costumes, since some are actually different characters.

  • Ant-Man: Modern Scott Lang Costume (Default) and Movie Costume
  • Angela: Modern Costume (Default) and 1602 Costume
  • Beast: Uncanny Inhumans Costume (Default) and Astonishing X-Men Costume
  • Black Panther: Classic Costume (Default) and Captain America: Civil War Costume
  • Black Widow: Modern Costume (Default), Avengers Movie Costume and Age of Ultron Movie Costume
  • Blade: Modern Costume (Default) and Classic Costume
  • Captain America: Marvel Now Costume (Default), Classic Costume, The Captain (US Agent) Costume and Age of Ultron Movie Costume
  • Captain Marvel: Modern Costume (Default) and Classic Ms. Marvel Costume
  • Colossus: Modern Costume (Default) and Marvel Now (Cable and X-Force) Costume
  • Cyclops: Astonishing X-Men Costume (Default), Classic Costume (90’s Jim Lee) and Marvel Now Costume.
  • Deadpool: Classic Costume (Default), The Deadpool Kid Costume and Zen Pool (Axis) Costume
  • Doctor Strange: Modern Costume (Default) and Movie Costume
  • Gambit: Modern Solo Costume (Default) and Classic Costume (90’s Jim Lee)
  • Ghost Rider: Modern Costume (Default) and Classic Costume
  • Hawkeye: Classic Costume (Default) and Age of Ultron Movie Costume
  • Hulk: Classic Costume (Default), Age of Ultron Movie Costume and Marvel Now (Indestructible Hulk) Costume
  • Iceman: Modern Costume (Default) and All-New X-Men (Marvel Now) Costume
  • Iron Fist (Temporary Exclusive for those that purchase all Founder’s Packs): Immortal Weapon of Agamotto Costume (Default) and Netflix Series Costume
  • Iron Man: Extremis Costume (Default), Age of Ultron Costume and Starboost Costume
  • Jean Grey: Phoenix Costume (Default), New X-Men Costume and Classic Costume (90’s Jim Lee)
  • Kitty Pryde: Modern Costume (Default) and Age of Apocalypse Costume
  • Luke Cage: Modern Costume (Default) and Netflix Costume
  • Magik: Marvel Now Costume (Default) and Phoenix Five (Avengers vs X-Men) Costume
  • Moon Knight: Modern Costume (Default), Marvel Now Costume and Mr. Knight Costume
  • Psylocke: Classic (90’s Jim Lee) Costume (Default) and Lady Mandarin Costume
  • Punisher: Modern Costume (Default) and Netflix (Daredevil Season Two) Costume
  • Rocket Racoon: Marvel Now (Default) and Movie Costume
  • Scarlet Witch: Classic Costume (Default), Age of Ultron Movie Costume and Wiccan Costume
  • She-Hulk: Single Green Female Costume (Default) and Law and Disorder Costume
  • Spider-Man: Amazing Costume (Default), Civil War Movie Costume, Modern Costume and Symbiote Costume (Temporary Exclusive to those that buy all the Founder’s Packs)
  • Squirrel Girl: Modern Costume (Default) and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Costume
  • Star-Lord: Legendary Costume (Default) and Movie Costume
  • Storm: Modern Costume (Default) and Astonishing X-Men Costume
  • War Machine (PS Plus Exclusive): The Initiative Costume (Default) and Civil War Movie Costume
  • Wolverine: Astonishing X-Men Costume (Default), Classic Brown and Old Man Logan

There are some surprising omissions for the launch of Marvel Heroes Omega. Daredevil is nowhere to be seen, despite his Netflix brethren making it to the game. Groot is also nowhere to be found, even though he appeared in the trailer.

Overall, there should be plenty of fun to be had for comic fans when the game comes out later this year. Console exclusive features known thus far include couch co-op, something the PC version did not have.

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