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Marvel Heroes 2016 Announced During New York Comic Con: Extra-ordinary New Characters Revealed

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The hit free-to-play MMORPG based on Marvel Superheroes is getting a big update and another new name.

And as expected, Gazillion Entertainment will be making another major update for their MMORPG Marvel Heroes, now calling it Marvel Heroes 2016 with a release scheduled for this fall. Gazillion Entertainment CEO David Brevik explained on why Marvel Heroes does not have a proper subtitle whenever they released a new major content patch update:

?We don?t have expansions – traditionally MMOs come out with a subtitled expansion that they sell you for forty bucks. Since we?re giving away the content all the time we don?t have something to theme an annual release around, so this is our chance to say, ?Hey, look what?s changed!”

In terms on what changes will be made for Marvel Heroes 2016, Brevik said that the 2016 update will be bigger than any of their previous content update. There will be an all-new story content, which will be the 10th chapter in Marvel Heroes. The story continues with the shapeshifting race known as the Skrulls, there will be new NPCs to interact with and new boss to vanquish, such as Kl?rt the Super Skrull who has all the abilities of the Fantastic Four and a War Skrull that has many of the X-Men?s abilities and outfits, such as Cyclops? visor, Wolverine?s claws, Colossus? metal skin and many more.

There will be also a Leaderboard system for players to check their progression in the game and compare with other players, but the system will not force players to play 24/7 to compete. It is going to be much friendlier and will have short-session leaderboards with good rewards. One of the great addition is the controller support, you can now use your Xbox 360 controller or pc gamepad on Marvel Heroes 2016, there will be new costumes and an improved inventory system.

Expect Marvel Heroes 2016 this fall for the PC and Mac.

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