Marvel Future Fight World Boss Invasion Mode Guide: Characters That Can Easily Defeat Fenris

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Along with the tie up of the recent Asgard update of Marvel Future Fight, there is a World Boss that is hard to beat. Fenris has invaded the World Boss battles and is giving the players a hard time.

The Marvel Future Fight World Boss Invasion (WBI) is always hard to win against. This is especially true if you lack the right characters to build a strong team. This Marvel Future Fight guide will help you figure out the possible character options that would work best against Fenris.

If you are lucky enough (or better yet patient enough) to have the likes of Dr. Strange, Enchantress, Loki and Thanos, then you can achieve an easy victory. These characters have amazing skills that make them damage proof and at the same time cause massive damage to their targets.

But for those who don’t have those options, you have to scour a bit for other possible character alternative. Just remember that you need to have a frontliner that is almost invincible or immune to attacks, a stunner and burst or range attackers.

Characters who are good at burst attacks includes Miles Morales, Ghost Rider, Hyperion, Thor, Yellow Jacket, Carnage and M.O.D.O.R. They can deal massive damage to their targets and at the same time can manage to take in hits from their enemies.

For those who would prefer to choose a long ranged attacker we also have a few choices to pick from. These include heroes such as Starlord, Youndu, Songbird, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Singularity.

Another important skill to consider in a hero is his/her iframe. Usually, characters with an iframe are also capable of having immunity or invincibility. Some good choices include Ancient One, Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, Wasp, Elsa, Carnage and Silk.

The main problem that players can encounter when facing Fenris is that he loves to move about all over the battlefield. He also does not have a particular pattern when he uses his skills.

The best thing to do is to try to dodge him as much as you can. If ever you get a chance to have an opening, hit him hard and fast. If you have a hero that can cast stun or time freeze, this is the best time to use them.

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The last tip we can give for this Marvel Future Fight World Boss Invasion guide is to be patient. Waiting for a clear shot and making the perfect skill rotation to execute combo hits for Fenris will surely take time. But it will also bring you closer to victory.

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