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Marvel Future Fight Update: Tier-2 Skills For Sister Grimm, She-Hulk, Singularity, And Black Bolt

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Marvel Future Fight has been consistent with their updates and it has not failed its fans so far. Now the new Marvel Future Fight update will have more heroes with Tier 2 abilities. Let?s find out who they are, shall we?

The new Marvel Future Fight update will be giving four heroes their Tier-2 Advancements. Along with it, the said characters will also be getting a small balance charge to help them be more effective when it comes to battles. These heroes include Sister Grimm, Singularity, She-Hulk and Black Bolt. They will be given their T2 passives and advancements for this update.?Along with the T2 advancements, they will also be given a little boost in their stats as well as the following skills:

Sister Grimm (Secret Wars: A-Force):?Blood Magic

  • ? Activation Rate: When ?Rock and Roll? skill is used.
  • ? Apply to: Self
  • ? MAX HP Recovery: 10% (or higher)
  • ? Guard 3 hits (6 secs)
  • ?? 37% increase to Skill Damage
  • ?? 28% increase to Bonus Damage (10 secs)
  • ?? ?Cooldown Time: 3 seconds

Singularity (Secret Wars: A-Force):?Star Shroud

Apply to: Self

100% chance to pierce with ?Barrier?

Guaranteed Dodge: +40% Increase

40% increase to Skill Damage

30% increase to Bonus Damage

She-Hulk:?Case Closed

  • Apply to: Self
  • Super Armor, All Defense: +25% (higher)
  • All Damage received: reduced by +18%
  • 20% increase to Skill Damage
  • 15% increase to Bonus Damage

Black Bolt:?Silent King

  • Activation Rate: When ?Quasi-Sonic Scream? skill is used
  • Apply to: Self
  • Ignore Dodge: 50% (10 secs)
  • Immune to all Damages (5 secs)
  • 35% increase to Skill Damage
  • 30% increase to Bonus Damage (10 secs)
  • Cooldown Time: 3 seconds

These are the Tier 2 Advancements in the?Marvel Future Fight update. There are also a few additional ?new? Achievements that have been ded. These achievements are also applied to the four characters. As posted on the game’s official forums, these achievements will aid in the ?Skill Balancing? of these characters.

This Marvel Future Fight update is a minor one, but with four new character boosts, this is great news for players. Now fans will be even more excited in their next major update.

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