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Marvel Future Fight Marvel Now Update: First Major 2017 Patch Possibly Releasing Tomorrow

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We are starting to reach the middle of the first month of the year. However, all that we heard of for the next Marvel Future Fight is the three new female characters from Marvel NOW. What other updates can we possibly expect for the next patch?

The game will first have a server maintenance tomorrow (January 11, 2017) from 9A.M. to 5P.M. (PST). After which, the update will be set to be up four hours after the maintenance is finished. So expect the new update to be released after the maintenance.

The previous update of Marvel Future Fight was definitely a big one. The Asgard update was, and is still, enjoyed by their avid fans. Since it was a really big change for the game, there is a possibility that we can only expect some minor changes in the next update.

We can further assume that there will be three new additional rifts that gamers can play. This is in line with the release of the three new characters. These rifts will allow the players to collect the needed biometrics for the three new heroines.

One of the other things that can be theorized aside from the three new heroes is the addition of more characters for the tier-2 positions. The likes of Destroyer, Luke Cage, Kamala Khan and Amadeus Cho are some good examples.

There can also be some additions in terms of new uniforms for selected champions. Since Netmarble usually releases 2 to 3 uniforms each time a new character is made available, it’s possible it’ll happen again for the first major patch this year. 

Another thing that we can assure is that the developers from Netmarble would fix the bug in Dr. Strange’s uniform. This caused him to deal double damage on himself instead of reflecting the damage towards his enemies.

If ever, this update will be a small one as players are not complaining. The mere fact that three new characters are available is enough for them. However, players can rest assure that there will be something big (maybe not now) in future updates.

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