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Marvel Future Fight Update: New Relay Packs Now Available

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It?s the second week of November. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You all know what this means right? Yes, our favorite Marvel Future Fight update has arrived, and we will be receiving an awesome ?package.?

The ?Relay Packs? are once again available for the latest?Marvel Future Fight update. But this will have a time period, so gamers should do their best and strategize on what package to buy for their team.

Once again, the Marvel Future Fight update has brought a new add-on to our shopping list. If you plan to get these new items for you team, you should play patiently to get enough crystals to buy it or do it the fastest way by shelling out some money (well, a lot actually) to get it in a snap. Either way, these would do.

To give a quick detailed information on what you can get, here is the list of items for the World Boss Six star Material Package as posted on?Marvel Future Fight’s official forum:





Level 1

Rank 1 Black Matter-200 pieces, Norn Stone of Chaos-100 pieces, Gold-750,000 pieces

1,500 Crystals

Level 2

Rank 1 Black Matter-500 pieces, Norn Stone of Chaos-200 pieces, Gold-1,300,000 pieces

2,500 Crystals

Level 3

Rank 1 Black Matter-800 pieces, Norn Stone of Chaos-250 pieces, Gold-2,000,000 pieces

4,000 Crystals

Level 4

Rank 1 Black Matter-1,200 pieces, Norn Stone of Chaos-300 pieces, Gold-4,000,000 pieces

6,000 Crystals

Level 5

Rank 1 Black Matter-1,700 pieces, Norn Stone of Chaos-500 pieces, Gold-8,000,000 pieces

8,000 Crystals

Remember that you need to purchase the first level of the relay pack before you can unlock and buy the next level and so on. So basically, you will need a grand total of 22,000 crystals in order to claim all of these items in the package.

As said previously, this event has a ?limited time only? window. The event will run from November 16 at 06:30am to November 22 at 14:59 (for UTC+0) and November 15 at10:39am to November 22 at 06:59am (PST).

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