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Marvel Future Fight Update: All Three Characters Are Females! New Hero Predictions

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The second teaser for the upcoming Marvel Future Fight update has been released. Once again, the team behind Netmarble are giving its fans head scratching clues before they can even get their hands on the details.

The Marvel Future Fight update stayed true to their promise. Netmarble previously?teased?that they will share new information every day until January 9. True enough, we have received the second information regarding the update.

New Teaser

But once again, we had to decipher the information given. A ?new?post?on Mobirum shows the next set of clues that the people from Netmarble has given to us.

This time around the clues are a set of letters that ends with a ?+3?. The clue is written as such: XII KBT QEOBB ZEXOXZQBOP XOB CBJXIB+3.

In order to decode the information from this clue, you have to pay particular attention to the ?+3? at the end. This means that for each letter written, you have to skip the three letters after it. The third letter will be the real letter that is in the clue. For example, if you count three letters after X, you will end with the letter A. Successfully doing this?will get the words ?All new three characters are female”.


There is a possibility that those three femme fatales can be the three characters of the Spider-Man Clone Conspiracy. They would include Electro, Spider Woman and Jessica Drew.

They could also be three female characters that are of different Marvel origins but are most requested by the gamers. These would include Spider-Woman (again), Medusa and Scarlet Witch.

Other requested characters such as Miss America, Nadia Pym, MJ as Iron Spider, Pepper Potts as Rescue, Hellcat and many others can be taken into consideration as well. The list of fan favorite worthy female champions are endless for this game.

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The next batch of teaser information for the Marvel Future Fight update will be expected anytime within today. So better check out The BitBag every now and then for more juicy information.

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