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Marvel Future Fight Update: Possible New Characters In 2017

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Gamers are excited to know what 2017 will give them in the upcoming Marvel Future Fight updates. With the new year comes infinite possibilities and ideas to satisfy our year-long journey.

First of all, let us consider the possibility of the Monsters Unleashed theme that can happen sometime this January to early February for the first Marvel Future Fight update. We can anticipate the likes of ?Man-Thing and other monstrous characters to be added to the heros/villains roster of the game.

The abovementioned update will be one of the top themes that would likely start 2017 off. But there are still a lot of characters that can be added to the game this year.

These include more villain-based characters. The likes of Sandman, Mysterio and other well known enemies would balance the ?good and evil? persona of the game. It can further allow the players to choose more of the villain?s side.

Another possible idea to include is more Inhumans in the upcoming updates. The game lacks characters under this genre as well. It would be an awesome add on if there are more of them in the game.

Let us not forget the possible new heroes to be added to the?tier-2 list. Some of them still needs a little bit more enhancement and tweaking in order for them to be deemed as tier 2 worthy. Hopefully, the team from Netmarble would make the proper adjustments so that the gamers can use the characters more functionally and to the best of their abilities.

Finally, let us look forward to ?new uniforms to coincide with the new heroes to be added in the game. Having new ?unis? will definitely make those new bloods more battle worthy and give the players a good game every time they are used.

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Netmarble?still has a lot of time on their hands to turn these suggestions into a reality. Hopefully, they can add these options little by little so that players can further enjoy the Marvel app experience.

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