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Marvel Future Fight Update: Monster Unleashed Overthrows Agents of SHIELD? Slingshot Update After Asgard Event?

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The latest Marvel Future Fight update has made the gamers go gaga over the newest Asgardian event. But once the hype dwindles down, players are hoping that the next major update will include the Monsters Unleashed theme.

There has been talk about the possibility of an upcoming major Marvel Future Fight update that will have a Monsters Unleashed theme. The mentioned update will feature giant, enemy monsters similar to the old version enemies of the comic.

New Set of Characters Confirmed

This speculation was then confirmed by Marvel Comics Editor Bill Rosemann in his Twitter post. He stated that there will be a new set of characters that will be seen in 2017 in different Marvel games (Future Fight included).

With the recent update of the game just released, you can expect that the next major update will take a longer time before it will materialize. Since the game seem to have a crossover and tie-up between comics and TV series, we can use these as our references. But since Rosemann already revealed that Monsters Unlimited is in the works, then the probability of it being the first major update for 2017 is getting more concrete.

So this would mean that the possible update in relation to ABC?s ?Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot? series will probably be a miss. This will delay, or even cancel the possibility of having heroes such as Yo-yo, Joey and Hellfire in the character list of Future Fight.

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If ever the aforementioned theory of Slingshot being overthrown by Monsters Unleashed happens and?the latter would be released in the next Marvel Future Fight update, then this can possibly mean that Netmarble has already lost their rights to some of the Marvel series. In turn, they probably would focus more on the comic here on out.

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