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Marvel Future Fight Update: Medusa, Moon Girl, And Kate Bishop Confirmed

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Finally, after all the deciphering and clue collecting we have finally reached a conclusion. We now know who the three female characters coming in the next Marvel Future Fight update.

After days of speculation about the new female characters, we finally got a hold on the last clue for the next Marvel Future Fight update. Netmarble’s latest clues comes in three separate posts, all of which are accessories worn by “Keke” the dinosaur.

The Belt

Posted on Mobirum is Keke sporting a belt with the letter “M” as its buckle. Another clue is that Keke’s workout revealed him as an “Inhuman”.

The second clue was a dead giveaway. The hero or villain we are searching for is most likely an “Inhuman” character who is from Marvel NOW.

The belt insignia is the confirmation of the female character to be revealed. She is none other than the Inhuman Medusa herself. Medusa has long been requested in the game, and developer Netmarble seemed to have answered the fans’ prayers.

The Watch

The next image we saw was Keke wearing a watch on his left arm. The text along with the picture also says that he has been missing for quite some time.

The latter clue would give us a hint that this character has something to do with time warping. The mentioned hero could have also went  hundreds of years back in time as well.

The accessory clue further strengthened the speculation that the hero is probably Lunella Lafayette. More famously known as “Moon Girl”, Lunella is a kid genius. She managed to rip the time space continuum and go back in time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The Shades

The final character revealed also had two clues found on the post. First is the shades that Keke is wearing. The second is the text which says that Keke watched some spoilers.

The second clue would give us a hint that the character used to have a job that is in line with private investigation. The first clue would be a very familiar clue to those who have been loyal to the Marvel stories.

The glasses have a striking similarity with Hawkeye’s specs, except for its color. The only female character that has proven herself worthy to use the above mentioned codename is none other than Katherine “Kate”  Bishop. “Lady Hawkeye” or just plain “Hawkeye” are some of her other aliases.

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There you have it, the character reveals for the upcoming Marvel Future Fight update. Only a few more days remain before we can finally start collecting biometrics for them.

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