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Marvel Future Fight Update: Jane Foster, Angela, Loki, And Hulkbuster New Tier-2 Skills and Character Balancing

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We have reached our halfway mark for December. This means that the latest Marvel Future Fight update is expected to be released today. With character build up as their focus, we can expect some good quality improvements for our Tier 2 heroes.

With the release of this upcoming mid-December Marvel Future Fight update, we can anticipate several heroes that will undergo rebooting. The hero update will include skills and character balancing. Listed below are the lucky heroes that will enjoy this update boost.


Angela will be having a new Tier 2 skill that will be called ?Heavensent.? This skill will allow her to increase her guaranteed dodge, critical rate skill damage and bonus damage. Furthermore, this will increase the effect of one of her other skills called ?Asgardian Blood.?

Angela will also get a character balance update in this Tier 2 patch. Instant i-frames will be added when she uses her ?Blades of Ichor? and ?Entangled? skills. Her enemy detection radius will also be increased.

Hulkbuster (a.k.a. Iron Man Mark 44)

This big boy is fortunate enough to have both character balancing and a new Tier 2 skill in this update. His new skill is called ?System Upgrade.? This skill will allow him to increase his all speed, skill damage and bonus damage.

As for Hulkbuster hero balancing (including his uniform), a minimal tweaking was done. Now the?Barrage Strike? will also be applicable to projectiles.

Thor (Jane Foster)

Her new Tier 2 skill is called ?Power surge.? This skill will make her increase her skill damage, bonus damage guaranteed dodge and lightning damage.


His new Tier 2 skill is named ?Mischief Magic.? This new additional skill will increase his cold damage, skill damage, HP and duration of summoned characters. Furthermore, this skill will also increase his bonus damage, all attack and defense of his summoned characters.

Black Panther

Black Panther, with inclusion of his uniform, will be experiencing major character balancing. This will include his passive and active skills.

For Black Panther?s active skills, there are several updates. His ?Energy Spear?s? attack can now damage enemies using its projectile. Also, his ?Claw Slash? can now follow the enemy’s movements. His ?Energy Dagger?s? projectiles have been increased from 3 to 5.

Continuing on with the active skills, we have his ?Essence of Panther?s? cooldown rate decreased from 15 to 13 but there?s an increase in his radius. Finally, his skill called?Unseen Predator? has an activated ?immune to all damage? buffs and accumulates ?True Damage? to boost his all attack and critical rate.

As for his passive skill, ?Predatory Frenzy?s? activation rate increased from 5% to 10%. This skill will also have increased critical damage.With regards to his ?Leadership Skills,? his ?Royal Immune? will increase his skill damage, bonus damage, and all speed. It will also decrease the damage received.

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All these is what?s in store in the Marvel Future Fight update. If you want to see the complete details of each skill, you can go to this link.

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