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Marvel Future Fight Update: All Improvements Fans Want In 2017

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There’s still a lot of room for improvements for Marvel Future Fight. While fans of this hit app want future-themed updates like Monsters Unleashed content.?They also want some upgrades and new features.?

One of the major changes fans want to see in next year?s Marvel Future Fight update is the ability to choose specific abilities of a different uniform and equip it to their hero. This would make perfect sense since not all of the abilities of the uniforms fit the character itself. Some abilities would even be considered useless for the hero. Choosing the best ability for the right champion will give players more advantage in using their hero.

In terms of gameplay and stages, fans are looking forward to new sets of ?World Bosses,? Alliance Matchmaking in ?Alliance Battles? and auto-send warp device missions. Another change that they want is more quests, but with more time allowance.

Furthermore, fans want to see more heroes to be nerfed so they will ?have balanced stats when compared to other champions. Having all the characters at equal levels during the start of their build will give them a fair chance in gameplay.

This will also allow the players to have more room for hero tweaking. They can further improve their heroes according to their own preferences unlike now. They need to choose between two characters because they both have abilities and stats that the gamer wants.

Finally, players would want the game to refrain from adding tier 3. Aside from the fact that this will once again make the players focus on a single hero instead of improving another, this will hugely undervalue their efforts since they will once again start from scratch to build up stronger new character. Adding another tier will make it a never ending cycle of a single character improvement.

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There are more fan requests for future Marvel Future Fight updates?here. Check them all out and see for yourself if you agree with their ideas.

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