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Marvel Future Fight Update: Facts And Rumors On What To Expect In 2017

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Fans still can?t get enough of the major Asgardian update done by Marvel Future Fight. They are anticipating more major updates for next year. One that can be at the level or even exceed the Asgard game theme.

What we know for a fact is that there was a reveal that a major Marvel Future Fight update will include a ?Monster?s Unleashed? theme. This speculation was then confirmed by Marvel Comics Editor Bill Rosemann in his Twitter post.

He stated that there will be a new set of characters that will be seen in 2017 in different Marvel games (Future Fight included). The mentioned update will feature giant, enemy monsters similar to the old version enemies of the comic.

But the said update is still not a 100% final decision. This makes players think of other possible updates that can override it. One of these are the rumored tie-up of the Marvel game franchise with the release of ?Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy? comic book.

This is the fourth and final installment of the comic book that will be released by January 18, 2017. This can be a perfect candidate for the next Marvel Future Fight major update. Aside from the huge fanbase of Spider-Man, this latest comic installment will include new characters (both villains and heroes).

This can also be the ideal set-up since there is no update yet that is related to the Spider-Man franchise. Add to the fact that there is a limited number of Spider-Man related characters in the game. This is a good opportunity for the app to introduce more spidey buddies.

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With 2016 slowly closing in, gamers are hyped to see what the Marvel Future Fight update will have in store for them this coming 2017. Whatever decision the Netmarble will choose, it will still be a huge hit.

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