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Marvel Future Fight Update: Three New Characters Coming In Next Patch

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The year 2017 seems to be looking good for those who are playing Marvel Future Fight. The famous Marvel app is starting it off right with some good news for their fans in their next Marvel Future Fight update.

As teased by the game?s community manager, developer Netmarble ?is planning on giving us something special this January. But this is not something big like the Asgard update that was previously released.

The tease came in the form of codes, with numbers that are grouped into 16. Each group has a total of ?three numbers in it. These number groups are as follows: 051 032 078 069 087 032 067 072 065 082 065 067 084 069 082 083. Using a particular converter you can translate the message. Successfully translating the code will give you the word ?3 new characters?.

Furthermore the Japanese version of this post also says that they will reveal one additional message everyday in the next several days. This will go on until January 8. The update details will then be released by January 9. It?s possible the update would roll out sometime next week.

So far, these are the only details that we know of. But we are all pretty excited to look forward to the cool characters that will be added in the game?s roster.

With this information, fans are already speculating on who these three characters would be. They could be introductory characters in line with the possible Monsters Unleashed concept theme.

They can also be heroes from the Spider-Man series. This is a good time to tie-in our Spidey buddies and their enemies since there will be a new comic book release targeted this January.

Another possibility is adding more baddies in the roster. Since fans are saying that the game lacks on the villain side. These three add ons can help balance the ratio of ?protagonists and antagonists.

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Whatever surprise the Marvel Future Fight update will give us would definitely be a good way to start our gaming life for this year. For the latest mobile game news, stay tuned to The BitBag

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