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Marvel Future Fight Update 2.7: A Mysterious Figure Appears! Is He The Unworthy Thor?

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After the success of the release of the hero Dr. Strange in the last Marvel Future Fight update comes another character. Is he a hero or is he a foe?

We have been hearing that the upcoming Marvel Future Fight update would feature the Asgardian theme as their next big ?thing.? Fans? speculate that this particular character silhouette would probably be the ?Unworthy Thor.?

The Marvel Future Fight update teaser states, ?In the darkness, a solitary figure, barely standing, sticks out amongst the ruins. His red mantle, blows almost wistfully in the winds of destruction.? The ?red mantle? is a solid clue of what the next character would wear.

Another clue states, ?The surroundings looks unfamiliar to us. What looks to have been grandeur and splendor, has been obliterated and replaced with ruins of a time long past.? This particular area may be the ruins of Asgard.

Most of these hints boil down to the possibility that the said mysterious character is indeed the ?Unworthy Thor? for the next Marvel Future Fight update. But still, other players seem to think otherwise.

Some speculate that it could just be a new uni (uniform) for the already existing ?original? Thor version in the game. These gamers are hoping that the teaser is hinting on a new add-on to the original Thor rather than adding a new ?Unworthy Thor? in the game.

The reason? It?s basically simple. If the game would add a new version of Thor (the Unworthy Thor), it would have the same stats as the original one. If the teaser is a uni, it would be of more use rather than making another character with the similar stats and just a different outfit.

There is still no actual confirmation that this is a new hero or a uniform, but the excitement is still there. So better watch out for the next Marvel Future Fight update.

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