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Marvel Future Fight Update 2.7.0: Asgardian Story Missions And Locations Revealed! Unworthy Thor And Odin Teased?

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After the announcement of an upcoming mystery hero, the team from Marvel Future Fight looks like they are planning something even bigger. The latest Marvel Future Fight update includes drastic addition to their already awesome game.

As posted by the game’s community manager on?Mobirum, there will be?new areas in the next Marvel Future Fight update. The first is a beautifully constructed place, and the second is a fiery red quarry that is covered with magma.

New Maps

The first area is already a giveaway. This is the mighty city of Asgard in all its glory. The second place is a fiery pit mixed with molten lava called Muspelheim, the home of eternal fire.

The addition of these two areas (or better yet, modes) will definitely come with a new storyline. It?s another addition to the players? to-finish list.

New Heroes

The next surprise Netmarble gave was additional clues on who the previous hooded character could be. We could see in the picture that those weapons and equipment definitely belong to Thor. So expect the Unworthy Thor (possibly a tier 2 hero) to grace the game soon.

Aside from the previous mysterious character that they showed, the people from Netmarble gave yet another silhouette picture of another new character. The said picture looks like the ruler of Asgard, Odin.

It also looks like majority of the players agree that it is Odin, as seen on a Reddit post. Talk about being generous with their heroes. Marvel Future Fight has gamers even more excited for December.

The final news is in relation to a new material that will be added to the item list. The only clue given was that the material is metallic in nature. This is yet another reason for the anticipation of the players. Hopefully, this new material will be of good use.

There is still no concrete date as to when this update would be released. But hopefully, we get to play with these awesome additions to the game before the year 2016 ends. Until then, let us all wait and gruel in extreme anticipation for the next Marvel Future Fight update.

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