Marvel Future Fight: Unworthy Thor Or Modern Sif? Who Should You Choose?

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There has been additional uniforms in the latest Marvel Future Fight update that has greatly improved the heroes wearing them. With this, it is only fitting for players to compare the stats between one champion to another. Unworthy Thor and Modern Sif is not an exemption to this debate. Here is a little Marvel Future Fight guide to help you choose who to pick.

According to a Reddit user?lem4rtyr, the Sif uniform and the Thor uniform (Modern Sif and Unworthy Thor, respectively) needs to be compared. This needs to be done in order to see which of them is stronger in battles. This Marvel Future Fight guide will tackle the basics of each hero and compare them with each other in order to see who is better and more versatile.

Hero Stats

Let us start with the heroes’ stats. Sif is ahead of Thor when it comes to Energy Attack and HP. Thor, on the other hand, is more prominent when it comes to Energy Defense. Finally, when we deal with Physical Defense, both of them seem to battle fairly against each other.

In summary, Sif seems to hold herself better when it comes to hero statistics as compared to Thor. The latter lacks the HP and defense the hero needs to be able to withstand hard battles.

Uniform Add-ons

With every uniform the hero is equipped, it gives an additional stat that is bound to be useful for the character. For Sif?s Modern uniform, she will have an additional ?All Speed? of more than 10% to be applied to herself. This will allow her to shift between her skills very swiftly.

Meanwhile, Thor?s Unworthy uniform will allow him to have ?All Damages? decreased by 10%. But since he has no iframes, this makes it difficult for him to activate damage immunities or damage guards. Since his build up was a bit weak from the start, having the uniform?s added bonus is not enough to keep the hero in balance.

All in all, Sif, along with her uniform ?Modern Sif? is the better choice. Since she has more well balanced attributes as compared to Thor?s when it comes to damage defense and HP level, Sif would be of better use.

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But it does not mean that Thor is useless. Always remember that any character can become great and strong if they are properly equipped, well balanced and thought out carefully.

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