Marvel Future Fight Unworthy Thor Guide: Tips To Use Thor Effectively

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Marvel Future Fight has recently patched up the Asgardian theme as their latest update. Now fans are excited to play the hero Unworthy Thor. Here are some Marvel Future Fight guide you can follow to make your hero more awesome.

With a little help from a Reddit post by Shadow Silver, we can get a little information for a?Marvel Future Fight Unworthy Thor guide on his skills and his new uniform. First of all, we should know that Thor has lightning-based attacks. He uses his mighty hammer ?Mjolnir” to attack his enemies.

If ever you want to use Unworthy Thor as your hero, you need to equip him properly. He is a bit fragile and takes hits a bit too much, making him even more weaker. Still, he can break attack really well.

Skills and Gears

His skills include the Thunder Axe (skill 1), Thunder Roar (skill 2), Calling the Lightning (skill 3), Celestial Break (skill 4) and Thundering Maelstrom (skill 5). He also has Passive attacks called Power of Asgard and Protector of Asgard (for his T2 skill).

With regards to his leader skill, he decreases the lightning resistance of all his team members to +50%. ?As stated above, all of his skills are mostly based on either lightning damage or lightning resistance.

The gears included in this hero are Ultimate Mjolnir (gear 1), Battle Armor (gear 2), Red Cape (gear 3) and Uru Arm (gear 4). Furthermore, he also has a special gear which allows him to have both recovery rate and HP heal. Also, this gives him lightning damage as well.


The best ISO set for him would be ?I am also Groot.? This set will allow Thor to give off heals. Next would be the Drastic Density Enhancement which is focused on attack shield.

Choosing either of the two ISO set will allow your hero to compensate on his weakness. You can either go with increasing his health status or help him defend himself using an attack shield.

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There are a lot more helpful information you can get from Shadow Silver’s ?Marvel Future Fight?and you can check them in the above Reddit post. The best advice we could give is to know your characters and its weakness and build up a defense that can both compensate it?and help you become stronger.

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