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Marvel Future Fight: Tips on How to Win World Boss Raid. Which Characters Should You Choose?

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Marvel Future Fight is a bit tricky to play especially if you have a hard time figuring out who to use in a particular fight, not to mention if you are at World Boss Raid.?Here is a small guide to help you Marvel Future Fight players in the World Boss Raid. Please take note that this is just purely skillset-based. This means that we will be focusing more on the character’s build-up.

The first strategy for any gamer is to build up a team that can stand on its own and level up these heroes. When they are strong enough, you can now use them as leaders for other weak teams. With a strong hero leader, the weak team can go against enemies stronger than them. In turn, you will get higher level up points and stats, and those weak members will slowly catch up to their team leader.

Once you are able to ?toughen up? your characters (and their levels are high enough to the point that you have already unlocked almost all their abilities, stats, etc.), you can now freely adjust their stats, powers and abilities to your liking. Just make sure that your character build-up will match up against your enemy.?

According to a reddit post by xankludan, there are several characters that can be used to beat the?Marvel Future Fight World Boss Raid. Each character has a specific ability, power, and the likes. These are some of the characters you can choose from as stated by xankludan:

  • Loki – doesn’t need much explaining, but Loki is still easy mode and we all love him/her. Max clones, max shield, max scepter bolt, profit. Combine with Ronan or any energy buffing leadership.
  • Silk – she’s a hard to get character, but worth it. Damage shield keeps her alive and her skillset includes a get out of damage free iframe and in general high damage skills that can be canceled out of if needed. Silk can feature as the main damage dealer for some bosses or combine her with two other damage dealers and use her as an iframe machine to avoid the bosses biggest attacks. She’s even useful vs Dwarf as she can be combined with two energy attackers and use her shield/iframe to avoid his spin damage.

With all these options at your disposal, the World Boss in?Marvel Future Fight will now be easier to beat. You just have to make sure to make the right decision at the right moment. It is all up to you to make your team strong enough to beat the World Boss.

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