Marvel Future Fight Guide: List Of Heroes Worth Tier-2 Investment

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It is definitely hard to make it to tier-2 in Marvel Future Fight, especially if you don’t know who to choose. This time around, we will be giving you a rundown on which hero is best for tier-2 in this Marvel Future Fight guide.

With the help of Reddit user sjohns0624, this Marvel Future Fight guide will tackle some of the possible tier-2 champions that you can upgrade according to their class. These mainly include ?Combat,? ?Speed,? ?Universal” and ?Blast.? If you are deciding on choosing Hulkbuster or Enchantress and further building them up as tier-2 using our previous guides, you can use this guide as your reference.

Combat Heroes

Combat heroes are best known for their head on, face to face style that deals physical damage. The best choices for a tier-2 hero and the reason why they are chosen are listed below:

GrootHe has a great survivability rate and a great support hero for his team. He can also heal himself along with his whole team.
SifHas good damage rates and survivability. Using her uniform can increase her stats.
Black PantherHas 2 I-Frames and is a great tank at the same time. He can be used in almost all battle stages.

Blast Heroes

Blast heroes are best for their energy attacks and damage. Here are some of the heroes that are worth investing in in tier-2.

MalekithHas a high DPS and is a very tanky character. Best used for ?Shadowlands? battles.
Sharon RogersHas great DPS and is also very tanky. Has a wide range of I-frames and has an ?on attack? striker skill.
EnchantressHas great offensive powers and is able to win against Odin, Dr. Strange and I-Thanos missions all on her own.

Speed Heroes

These are the heroes that are well-known for their fast reflexes and agility. Listed below are some of our speedy characters.

YonduOne of the strongest speed heroes.Is able to beat bosses single handedly
Black WidowAll in all is a balanced speed character that can win solely in ?Alliance Battles?
GwenpoolHas great I-frames that is supported with healing and awesome skill boosts.

Universal Heroes

Universal heroes are considered the most balanced characters in the game. Listed below are some of the top choices for a tier-2 hero.

HellstormHas amazing heals, summons and buffs skills making him have great immunity.
AngelaUsing her uniform can give her great DPS boost.
HyperionHas 2 I-Frames and is a great tank at the same time. He can be used in almost all battle stages.

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There are still a lot of heroes to choose from that are not included in this Marvel Future Fight guide. For the complete list of heroes based on their class, you can check it out here.

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