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Marvel Future Fight: Spider-Man Update To Coincide With ‘The Clone Conspiracy’ [Rumor]

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Players of Marvel Future Fight love Spidey and the gang, but it looks like there is not enough spider power to keep these fans happy. Can it be possible that the next major update for Marvel Future Fight is a Spider-Man update?

January 18, 2017 marks the release date of the fourth comic book installment of ??The Clone Conspiracy.? This is where Jackal brings the dead back to life including Spidey?s loved ones and enemies.

This can be the perfect opportunity for Marvel Future Fight to use this release for their next major update after the Asgard patch. This is also a good time to focus on more villain addition to the playable roster.

The comic book will include The Lizard, Doc. Oc, Rhino and Electro as their main antagonists alongside Jackal. These characters can be a great addition to the Marvel game. With an inclusion of the new female character Electro, this possible update can give the players familiar villains and a new faced enemy all at the same time.

Of course, let us not forget the possible new heroes to fight alongside our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. These are The Prowler, Kaine and Ben Reilly.

The Netmarble team can also add a few new uniforms for both Spidey and his team and also his nemesis. This can be possible due to the new costume features of the characters in the comic book.

Unfortunately, the ?Monsters Unleashed? update is the official target for the Marvel Future Fight patch for January. Maybe we can still have a chance to see these Spider bunch in action when February kicks in.

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Marvel Future Fight can have an even bigger fan base if they include a Spidey update in the near future. Let us not forget that the Spider-Man franchise is one of the most successful Marvel stories ever written. It will give a huge boost for fans playing the game and even attract new ones.

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