Marvel Future Fight Singularity Build Guide: Tips And Tricks To Use The Character Efficiently

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Not all Marvel Future Fight heroes are easy to get. Some needs more of your time, effort and skill to be obtained. Singularity is one of those hard to get characters, but it can be a good addition to your team.


Singularity?s biometrics are one of the hardest to farm in Marvel Future Fight. Unlike farming?Enchantress, her biometrics are only attainable through the biometrics selectors specific to her class. This can only be seen in the Battle World arena under the Universal type.

However, despite her rare biometrics she can be as good as Thor or even outdo him. Singularity is known for her chain moves, high dodge rate and flexible skill rotation. To start off, her passive skill called ?Cosmic Pull? allows her to become immune to almost all final skills of her opponents. This skill allows her to have guard break, paralyze and stun immunity.


Her active skills allows her to deal both energy and physical damage to her targets. This skill also stuns enemies.

Her first skill ?Ablation? allows her to emit an energy blast that deals minimal damage to her target. Be careful in using this skill because it opens her up to possible damage.

Her next skill is the ?Space Fold? which also gives off energy damage to her enemies. This skill can be useful for quick shift in position of your hero. The third skill is the ?Supernova? that sucks and stuns the opponent. Another skill or hers is the ?Meteorite? which deals mid-ranged damage and physical attack. This will also aid in her survivability due to it?s iframe and quick position changes.

The final skill is called ?Dimensional Tear? which is by far her best attribute. She summons several spheres that will deal energy damage to her target. The damage will depend on the amount of hits the skill will get in total.

The best skill rotation for her is to use the first four skills to clump up as much target as you can and finish them off with the Dimensional Tear skill. This will allow her attacks and damage to be used to its full potential.

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Singularity is vulnerable when her skill is not used properly. So practice timing your skill rotation and familiarize yourself with her iframes.

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