Marvel Future Fight Sif Guide: Tips On How To Use The Character Efficiently

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In Marvel Future Fight,?making your way to a tier-2 character is definitely not a walk in the park. Luckily, Sif is easy to obtain and she can do well in battle. This Marvel Future Fight Sif guide will help you in knowing how to efficiently use one of the many ladies of the game.


Luckily, this Marvel Future Fight Sif guide is easy to obtain when it comes to her biometrics. Her ?bios? are easily farmable with a ration of thirty biometric per day. This can be achieved through story missions.

You can also claim them through shifters on Chapter 7 and 8. However, keep in mind that Sif is weak without her uniform. Therefore, it is best to save up and buy it in the next Marvel uniform sale.


Basically, Sif?s skills is both good in dealing with dodges and damage immunity. She also has a longer iframe as compared to other heroes of the game. These can be very useful during battles.

Her passive skill allows her to dodge attacks and increase her immunity if she is targeted. With the help of her uniform?s passive skill addition, she can further increase her attack and movement speed.

The first active skill is called ?Stunning Slash? which allows her to evade her enemies and do a back attack as her final skill strike. Her second skill called ?Asgardian Grace? deals a considerable amount of damage that can soft break her target.

Her ?Allack Edge? skill will allow her to receive a certain amount of damage before whipping out an attack. The total damage of her attack will be based upon how much damage she has received beforehand.

Next skill would be the ?Goddess of War? which deals physical damage to her targets and causes them to get stunned. This skill has a short cooldown time of six seconds. So you can use this according to your preference.

Her last skill is called ?For Honour!? which deals several hits to her target. This skill instantly crashes an enemies break on the first hit. The following attacks will deliver a much more larger damage rate to her targets since their guards are now down.

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To finish this Marvel Future Fight Sif guide, she can be a solid combat player as long as she has her uniform equipped. Together with the proper skill rotation you will be able to stun your enemies and attack them accordingly.

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