Marvel Future Fight Odin Guide: Tips On How To Defeat Thor’s Father

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The Marvel Future Fight Odin chapter is a tough one which you have to defeat to get the biometrics for Odin. Odin is worthy to be called a god since he is really hard to beat. If you already have Dr. Strange, Thanos and Sharon Rogers in your heroes list, then you are in luck. This is a short guide to help you defeat the ruler of Asgard, Odin.

According to a Reddit post ?by ?yellouder,? we can now use Dr. Strange, Sharon Rogers and Thanos in beating the new Marvel Future Fight Odin chapter. But before going to battle, you should remember these tips:

  • Before going to battle in the finale arena, try your best to have all your hero’s? HP up to the highest maximum level possible.
  • Disable your auto play option so that you will be fully hands on during the whole battle.
  • The best frontliner for this battle would be Sharon. Make use of her ?tankiness? to push through all your opponents and Odin as well.

Once in the battle, as stated above, use Shanon as your frontliner. She will also be useful since she packs a blow with her hits, and her fourth and fifth skill allow her to become untargetable. Her fifth skill also allows her to absorb damages.

After Sharon, the next hero to choose would be Dr. Strange, even though this hero is based mostly on blast. What you need him for is his energy attack boost and his Ignore Dodge leadership skill. Plus, it seems that only his ?Time Warp? skill affects Odin.

Once Odin has been hit by the said skill, he will immediately be stunned, allowing an attack frenzy for your team. In addition, Dr. Strange?s skill 2 allows him to heal with his uniform.

Finally, you can finish the cycle off with Thanos. His attacks also deal a lot of damage to the enemy, plus, his fifth skill both gives him immunity and makes him untargetable at the same time. These said skills make him invulnerable for two precious seconds, so make the most out of it.

You need to study and learn the sequences of attacks that Odin does so you can either counterattack or evade his blows. Once you finally get the hang of it, you can use the hero setup stated above.

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Our final tip would be to expect to be killed several times. This chapter is not a walk in the park that you can breeze through with ease. But always remember, patience is a virtue in this Marvel Future Fight Odin chapter.

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