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Marvel Future Fight Update: ‘Marvel NOW’ Characters Confirmed By Netmarble

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The third clue for the upcoming Marvel Future Fight update has finally been revealed. This time around, they are taking a different approach on giving their players the third hint.

The Tease

The last clue that we deciphered for the Marvel Future Fight update revealed that the upcoming new characters would be all females. The third teaser brought to us by Mobrium showed us a screenshot of the character roster portion part of the game (also known as the “My Team”).

The picture itself holds the third clue for the upcoming update. In order to find out what the clues are, we have to concentrate on the different heroes (or villains) that are in the picture.

The first three obvious heroes that are in the middle of the picture are Nebula, Odin and War Machine. If you take the first letters of their names, you will end up with the word “NOW”.

Netmarble’s teaser

On the bottom part of the picture, there are five characters in total. These characters are M.O.D.O.K., Ant-Man, Rocket Raccoon, Vision, Elektra and finally Loki. Once again, merging all of their first letters together will give you the second clue.

The word “MARVEL” will be the end result of this letter merging. Joining them together will give you the third clue which is “Marvel Now”. So this means that the three female characters will be heroes (or villains) from the Marvel franchise.

We can now further tone down our speculation with the new characters. Since the “Marvel NOW!” comic book will continue the story after Civil War II. The comic book will also focus on giant monsters invading the universe.

Marvel NOW Characters

Some of the characters in the Marvel NOW includes Moon Girl, Riri Williams, Medusa and many more. This could be a perfect tie up with the possible Monsters Unleashed themed update.

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There are still three more teasers for us to figure out before the release of the the next Marvel Future Fight update. So better check on The BitBag every now and then for new details.

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