Marvel Future Fight Guide: Tips On How To Enhance Hulkbuster

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We all know that Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit has a lot of versions which he uses in different occasions. Hulkbuster is one of the many versions of his suit. It is also well-known for its ability to go head to head with Hulk. This Marvel Future Fight guide will help you control this robotic beast with ease.

Hulkbuster is really strong when you build him up the right way. Similar to our Enchantress guide, this Marvel Future Fight guide will give you the basic rundown on all things related to Hulkbuster.

If you want to get your hands on Hulkbusters biometrics, you can do so by going to Chaos Chest. You can also get it through ally shifter on the non S.H.I.E.L.D. story missions that can be selected in the daily chest.

Skills and Skill Rotation

Hulkbuster?s skills focus mostly on physical damage. His normal attack gives his enemies a two-hit combo right off the bat. Furthermore, it flows well right into his other skills.

His first skill is called ?Repulsor Smash? which deals physical damage. This attack will give a total of seven consecutive hits. This skill is best used for damaging or even destroying your enemies? shields.

The second skill is called ?Hydraulic Boom.? This skill also deals physical damage to Hulkbuster?s target. He does two consecutive aerial drops on his target. This skill makes him very vulnerable and open to attacks though, so use this skill wisely.

The third skill is the ?Jet Assisted Takedown? that once again deals physical damage. This skill will give a total of five attacks and finishes off with an aerial drop. His fourth skill is the ?Heavy Duty Exo-Frame? which gives him physical damage immunity for a few seconds.

The fifth skill is known as ?Arc Reactor Burst? which deals energy damage. Hulkbuster?s medium range will be able to target more enemies. His final skill is the ?Barrage Strike? which also deals energy damage by firing a total of 27 missiles.

The best skill rotation for Hulkbuster would be to use the first skill once you are able to shorten the distance between Hulkbuster and his target. Follow it up by using the third skill and then the fifth skill, and then finish off with the sixth skill.

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Unlike our speedy Gwenpool hero that prides herself with agility, Hulkbuster is really slow compared to other champions. But what he lacks in speed he makes up with muscle power and defense. This is probably the most important advice we can give in this Marvel Future Fight guide.

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