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Marvel Future Fight Guide: Tips On How To Build Ant-Man

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Like other Marvel Future Fight guides?that we have made, we always say that building your characters is one of the keys to victory. Likewise with Ant-Man, this small yet terrible hero can pack a punch if you have the right build and skill rotation for him.

Biometrics and Skills

Similar to our Gwenpool guide, this Marvel Future Fight guide for Ant-Man will first tackle on how to get his biometrics. His bio can be found in Chaos Shop or it can be farmed as an Ally Shifter on Ant-Man special missions ( missions 4 and 5).

As for his skills, Ant-Man has several of them that mainly focus on speed attacks and physical attacks. First, his?Pym Punch? launches three consecutive punches at a time. Next is his ?Speeding Bullet?, which is more focused on speed attacks, allows him to shrink and soft break his enemies.

His ?Bug Squash? skill causes his target enemies to shrink and decrease their defense and attacks by 50%. His ?Ant Endurance? is his passive attack that allows him to shrink and increase his speed and attack at the same time.

Ant-Man?s ?Flying Rush? causes him to shrink and ride his trusty flying ant ally and attacks enemies in his path. Doing this skill properly will allow him to consecutively hit enemies five times in a row or even more. Meanwhile,?Pym Disk? will enlarge Ant-Man?s Pym disk and attack nearby targets.

His final skill is called ?Size Matters?. This is where he uses his Civil War uniform and goes airborne and attacks his enemies while increasing his size. This will cause him to stomp on his enemies and attack while in his giant form.

The best skill rotation for him is to first use his ?Speeding Bullet? then follow up with ?Bug Squash?. Follow it up with his ?Flying Rush?. After using these three, you can alternately use ?Flying Rush?, ?Speeding Bullet?, ?Size Matters? and ?Bug Squash?. This will all depend on your cooldown time.


Pay particular attention to gears with high HP and speed attacks boost for Ant-Man. These will further increase his skills and allow him to be more flexible and agile in battle. These include the likes of Pym Particles, Toolbot, Cybernetic Helmet and Dodge gears.

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These completes the summary of our Marvel Future Fight guide. Always take note that Ant-Man is best used for his speed and agility. Be careful of enemy attacks as you perform those skill rotations.

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