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Marvel Future Fight Guide: Tips on How to Beat Shadowlands and iThanos

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It?s hard to admit that sometimes, gamers have a tendency to ?get stuck in a runt?, especially when they encounter a difficult stage or boss battle. Marvel Future Fight is not an exemption to this. That is why we are giving you a Marvel Future Fight guide on how to beat Shadowlands and iThanos.

With some ideas borrowed from Redditor NoobMiuMiu, here is a quick Marvel Future Fight guide on how to beat the said modes.

During fights, it is important to hit multiple enemies at the same time. You should also take note of your team build for every game. You should know your team?s strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to use each hero (or villain) to their utmost potential. You should also focus more of the single-target fights and the world boss bonus iThanos quest daily rather than the rumble battles.

With regards to the character build up and attacks, it is wiser to use Def Pen and combine it with your hero/villain card. Also, make sure you time your iFrame wisely so you will not waste even a precious second when using this skill.

In your team of three, it is important to have at least one attacker strong enough to fight on its own with the two remaining members being its support. Always remember, never count anyone out. Learn when and how to use each character so that they won?t go to waste.

Finally, be patient. Not all battles are the same. Learn these fights well so that the next time you engage in a fight, you have a clearer picture on which character you should use.

In beating iThanos, the best principle to go with is to ?know your enemy?. If you are able to figure out the attack pattern of Thanos, you can strategize ways as to how you can evade his attacks and counter him. Furthermore, you can choose the best character and build-up to go head-to-head against this beast once you know how Thanos would act and attack.

If you want to check out the complete details of this Marvel Future Fight guide, you can check out NoobMiuMiu?s full post here. For more about Marvel Future Fight, make sure to check out TheBitBag.

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