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Marvel Future Fight Guide: Farm Clea Biometrics Faster

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Biometrics is a must for Marvel Future Fight, but these are hard to collect. Either you finish a mission per charter or use tickets for it. To add to the struggle, you don?t get to win biometrics all the time.?Here are a few tips to help you along in Marvel Future Fight.

Story Mode

In the story mode option, you have a total of 10 chapters. In each chapter, you have stages that range from 8 to 12. Why is this important? Basically, with every stage you battle, you get a biometric of the hero that has a picture on the stage.

With each stage, you can collect a total of five biometrics. You can either do so by winning the stage through battle or using clear tickets. Each day can only give you a total of five biometrics per stage. Therefore it is a good tactic to use up all your energy to get the specific biometric that you want if you plan to focus on a single hero.

The best advice is to keep playing the Story mode and jump into a Special one every now and then. Don?t forget to do Daily Mode as well, as they help on leveling up with item drops. You level your heroes up and it?ll pay off once you start stacking up Biometrics to rank them.

Dimension Rifts

This stage can give you a ton of biometrics with the random rewards it gives. Unlike in the story mode, there is no limit to the number of biometrics the rifts will give. The only downside is that it has a time limit of only 30 minutes. So if you come across a Marvel Future Fight Dimension Rift with a hero that you want, grab that chance and play until your stamina is completely drained or your time is up.

Daily Rewards

In Marvel Future Fight, you get Daily Rewards just by logging in. You can also get Biometric selectors that allow you to choose anywhere from 8 to 20 biometrics for most heroes in the game. On top of daily logins, you also have your daily dimension chest. Log in every 24 hours and you will get eight Biometrics for a random hero.

Clea Biometrics

Why Clea? Well, in order to get Dr. Strange, you need to get Clea to five stars, and this is really hard to attain. For Clea?s Biometrics, here are a few steps to follow.

  • ????????Choose the Dark Dimension?s Epic Quest
  • ????????Under the said quest, choose the Dark Advent. This is usually where Clea shifter is seen (Clea?s Biometrics are usually dropped when her shifter is present).
  • ????????Play as you usually do if you are able to get the shifter. Take note that there is still a possible chance that you won?t get Clea?s Biometrics.
  • ????????If you are not able to get the shifter, force close the app. Once you return to the Marvel Future Fight app, you will see that your energy will not be affected at all. Do this step over and over again until you are able to encounter the shifter Clea.

Hopefully, these Marvel Future Fight tips can help you bulk up you heroes and make your unit unbeatable.

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