Marvel Future Fight Guide: Enchantress Or Carnage? Which Hero Should You Spend Your Money On?

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When it comes to choosing the right teammate for your squad in Marvel Future Fight, it is never easy to decide, especially when you need the right balance of characters in order to win a game. In order to understand more clearly who to choose between Carnage and Enchantress, we made a simple Marvel Future Fight guide to help you.

Before we start, be reminded that this Marvel Future Fight guide is here to shed a little light in helping you pick either Enchantress and Carnage (both without uniform). You can use these information as your stepping stone in deciding who to purchase.

How to Get Them

This is probably the best reason why we chose to compare Carnage and Enchantress. Both of their biometrics are not that easy to acquire. If you want to get them, be ready to pay a hefty amount of money.

Both the biometrics of Enchantress and Carnage are only found in the monthly bonus deal. Not only that, both of their ?bios? are only limited to a total of 20 per day.

Furthermore, players can only choose one hero per day (example: Monday-Carnage, Tuesday-Enchantress, and so on) for a limited amount of time. Players who pay the required amount of US$10.02 will be able to do all these for a span of 30 days. Once the 30 days are over, another transaction must be made.

Hero Specialty and Skills

Let us first tackle what type of combat hero these two characters fall under. If you read their stats in the game, you?ll discover that both of them are of different types. Carnage specializes as a combat character, while Enchantress is considered a blast character.

This basically means that Carnage is more of a head-on, face to face character that specializes in one-on-one battles. As for Enchantress, she specializes in long-ranged attacks that deal damage to enemies as long as they are within her attack range.

As for their skills, Carnage specializes in attack-based damage. He focuses on increased damage attacks, physical damage, bleed damage, skill damage and the likes. As you can see, this character is built to be a brutal combat attacker.

Enchantress, on the other hand, does major magic damage and defense such as energy attacks, energy damage, active buff removal and many more. Not only does this make her almost invincible to the enemy, but it also allows her to defend and strengthen herself and her team.

Hero Stats

With regard to their overall statistics, each character has its own advantage. This time around, we will tackle their overall built.

With regard to Physical Attacks, Physical Defense and HP status, Carnage is by far more superior than Enchantresses. On the other hand, Enchantress is better than Carnage with regard to Energy Defense.

To summarize our guide, choosing Enchantress or Carnage will all depend on what battle or mission you want to enter. But with regard to their build-up, Enchantress is stronger compared to Carnage.

Players can easily use tier 1 Enchantress as a solo player and win missions. Meanwhile, Carnage as a tier 1 character will have a hard time. Therefore, players need to bulk him up a bit to make him a tier 2 character before he can be as good as Enchantress.

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To end this Marvel Future Fight guide, we can say that what Enchantress lacks in her overall stats, she makes up big time with her skills and attacks. So, if you still lack Blast type heros, add Enchantress to your list.

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