Marvel Future Fight Guide: How To Build Up Enchantress

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Getting Enchantress is not an easy task to do. Since she is the third paywall character that Future Fight has released, her bios are only available in the monthly bonus deal. But once you get her, she can deal quite the damage to your foes. This Marvel Future Fight guide will help players further enhance Enchantress? abilities and skills.

Attributes and Skills

This Marvel Future Fight guide will focus on Enchantress? basic stats and how to use her properly. First off, Enchantress is one of the blast characters in the game. Her skills allows her to beat all types of bosses on different stages and battles. Her charm skill can affect anyone and her iframes are everywhere.

She also has a shield guard that lasts for a few seconds. This would make her invincible if done and executed properly. This is the reason why most players enjoy using her for battles.

Her passive skill is called ?Spellbound? which adds 70% of her charm when she executes her Maiden?s Kiss. Meanwhile, her leadership skill called ?Entice? allows her to increase all of her debuff effects. This will further enhance her invincibility against enemies.

Her skills include ?Sorcerers Whip? which deals physical damage, ?Maiden?s Farewell? which deals damage and casts charm towards enemies. Her third skill is called ?Fatal Illusion? which causes damage using orbs that homes-into enemies. Her final skill is called ?Enchanted Entrapment? which removes the debuff stats of her enemies and deals damage at the same time.

The best skill rotation for Enchantress is Maiden?s Kiss, followed by ?Sorcerers Sphere? then ?Enchanted Entrapment?. Finally, you can finish off with her ?Fatal Illusion? and do the cycle once again.

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The best tip we can give in this Marvel Future Fight guide is to use her iframes and charm to lockdown on enemies. Furthermore, canceling her skills at the right time will allow her to deal even more damage to her enemies.

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