Marvel Future Fight Guide: Beat Alliance Battles With Tier-2 Gwenpool

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In order to complete any stage or chapter in Marvel Future Fight, players have to make sure their heroes are well-balanced and fully equipped for the job. This principle is also applied to Gwenpool. This Marvel Future Fight guide can help you do just that.

Win Alliance Battles

First thing you have to remember is Gwenpool can ace this battle on her own. If an option is given to you to choose a team, better take it. Remember to choose a hero with a good ?Leadership Skill” (like Elsa) and a striker (like Silk). This can make the battle much easier and quicker.

Gwenpool has a lot of iframes in her attacks. This will allow her to dodge enemies that would try to hit her while she does some mean attack moves. To top it all off, her passive skill allows her to perform an auto regen on her HP as you battle.

With regards to using her skills and what pattern best fits her, here is a sample. Try using the skill rotation wherein you start with six stars then shift to five stars then three stars. Afterwhich, cancel into skill 1 then follow up with skill 3. Finally, you will use the six stars once again to make the full rotation.

Take note that Gwenpool has a lot of iframes available when she uses the above stated skill rotation. Use those precious second to dodge attacks, cancel your skill or even bail her out of trouble.

Invincibility would probably be the best obelisk that would fit this heroine. She also heals over time because of her passive skill. Make sure that her skill rotation is done perfectly. You will get to have, if not full, a close to full health status.

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That?s all for this Marvel Future Fight guide for Gwenpool against Alliance battles. Try out these tips and see the difference.

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