Marvel Future Fight: Dr Strange Epic Quest Guide For Free-To-Play Players

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One of the hardest quest in the Marvel Future Fight game is the Dr. Strange epic quest. This Marvel Future Fight guide will help you manage your heroes to finish off the quest with less difficulty.

This Marvel Future Fight guide will assist the players on how to collect the needed items for your team. Also, with some tips from Reddit user binarybandit, The BitBag will teach you how to win the epic quest efficiently with the help of your character build.

Needed Materials

You need several “Norn Stones” before you can effectively battle the quest. You need to complete tasks that will give you the following items. These Norn Stones include Strength (50 pieces), Energy (200 pieces), Brilliance (600 pieces), Omnipotence (1,200), and Chaos (1,200 pieces).

In order to get the abovementioned items, you can go to “Epic Quest” then choose the “Story Mode.” This is where you can find the tasks you need to complete in order to collect those items. Other items include Rank 3 Black Antimatter (10 pieces), Dimensional Debris (2,000 pieces), and Rank 6 Black Antimatter (4 pieces).


It is important for you to play and clear all 15 stages of “Shadowlands” daily. The reason for this is because it will give you most of the items you will need in order to strengthen your heroes. You can look at some tips on our previous article on how to beat the Shadowlands faster.

Clearing the stages will give you more chances of gaining your much needed gold and Black Antimatter as compared to collecting it from scratch. Furthermore, the stage 4 to 5 of the Shadowlands will also reward you a 4 star and 5 star rank up tickets.

These items will be useful when you plan to get Clea. Also the stages 3 to 5 of the Shadowlands will give you a 4 start and 5 star mastery ticket. Add this to your Clea build and she will have her mastery up to five stars.

Norn Stones can also be found in these stages. Add your initial Norn Stone collection to the Shadowlands reward and you can speedily collect much needed items.

If you are also in need for Bio Selectors, these stages can come in handy. Each weekly clear of the Shadowlands can give you around 200+ bio selectors. These will be helpful in ranking up other characters to four or five starts.

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These are the basic necessities that you will need in order to build you team up to compete fairly against Dr. Strange Epic quest. For a complete rundown on all you need to know for this quest, you can check out the post here.

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