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Marvel Future Fight: Doctor Strange Bugged? Damage Reflected To Himself

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After the latest Marvel Future Fight update, players noticed that the hero Dr. Strange seemed to have been a lot weakes. Gamers are now worried that Doctor Strange is not viable for good plays?due to the recent update of the game. But maybe, it could be something else.

The latest Marvel Future Fight update was suppose to enhance the heroes and the gameplay. But sadly, Dr. Strange looks like he needs a lot of tweaking in this upgrade.

A lot of players are complaining that the updated Dr. Strange keeps on dying over and over again in battles which is not likely to happen before. This sudden change made the gamers frustrated seeing that whatever they do, the said hero kept on being killed.

But now, thanks to a Reddit post by NNGamer, we know what is really going on with Dr. Strange. It was not the hero nor his ?Immune to damage? skill that had a bug, but rather, his uniform.

The said uniform was supposed to have an additional bonus skill which is called ?Energy Reflect.? This skill would have made Dr. Strange reflect damages he takes back to his enemies. But there was a bug that made the skill backfire.

Instead of having the enemy receive the damage, it ricochets back to Dr. Strange, making him take double the damage he was supposed to originally receive. This answers the mystery as to why this hero dies quickly after the update.

In order to rid your hero of this dilemma, just simply unequip the uniform from Dr. Strange. You will see the huge difference once you remove it and you can now, once again, use him to his full potential.

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In the meantime, the team behind Netmarble switched the Energy Reflect to Super Armor. Players can use this for now until they find a fix to the bug in Dr. Strange?s uniform. Hopefully, the next Marvel Future Fight update will not have any more major bugs like this one.

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