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Marvel Future Fight December Update: What To Expect Next Month From Netmarble

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With the success of the latest Dr. Strange update of Marvel Future Fight, players are asking for more. It seems that this movie-game tie up has triggered a sweet spot in the players? desire for more movie-based game updates. What could the next update give us this time around?

The current update done by the team from Marvel Future Fight has indeed captured the interest and attention of players. With the Dr. Strange addition, fans have surely been busy leveling up and collecting event items and special characters because they know that the next update will make them focus on yet another awesome character.?

Since there was an official release that a future update would be in line with the theme ?Asgardian,? fans are thinking ahead once again as to what the people at Marvel Future Fight will give them.?There are so many speculations that can materialize in the next major Marvel Future Fight update. By major, we mean new characters to the game roster, new uniforms, and the likes and not just some minor updates like bug fixes.

It could probably be another comic book-related update on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where they can add Robbie as a new character and everyone gets a T2 rank. New uniforms can also be released to match the theme of this possible update. This is a possible theory since the only major characters left to be given a reboot is the AoS.

Or maybe, since December is fast approaching, they can come up with an ice-themed update. In this update, the three skills (Laufey, Snowbird and Sasquatch) can actually make greater damage than they usually do. Plus, they could add winter-themed uniforms to make the players feel the cold season.

There is also another possibility of an X-men related Marvel Future Fight update. This is because there are several games rebooting their X-men characters in a so-called ?ResureXtion? trend going on around the gaming industry.

Of course, these are just speculations that fans have patched up together. But one thing is for sure, whatever Marvel Future Fight will give us, it will surely be a big hit.

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