Marvel Future Fight Guide: Tips On How To Build Silk

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If you still do not have any worthy tier 2 heroes for your Marvel Future Fight game and you are looking for a decent character to use, check out Silk and her amazing abilities. We tell you all about the character in this Marvel Future Fight guide.

Combining the powers of Spider-Man and adding a few of her own traits, Silk is definitely a fast hero that has a wicked damage attack. She could probably top the ranking of best ?speed? characters of the game. Like Ant-Man, she mixes her speed with her deadly attacks to win battles.

First off, her passive skill ?Blinding Speed? increases her critical rate chance during battles. This can be handy especially in Timeline battles where you have to do massive damage and defeat your enemies in a given amount of time.

Like all other heroes in the game, Silk has a total of five active skills that you can use. Her first skill, which is ?Shield Smash?, allows her to shield herself and at the same time attack enemies with three spider webs. These webs deal multiple damages to enemies within their range.

Her second skill, ?Spider and Fly?, tangles up the enemy while she deals an energy attack. Her ?Look Behind You? skill shoots spider webs upward and lands on enemies spinning like a top. This will deal a considerable amount of physical damage to her enemies.

The ?Web Rebound? allows her to web the ground in front of her and slash the enemies in her range using her hands and feet. She finishes off this skill with a hit that knocks her enemies upward which breaks their shield.

Her last skill is called ?The Yo-Yo? which allows her to web her enemies and at the same time hits them hard several times. This skill is best used for enemies who have web resistance skills. The web part may not affect them, but the physical damages will.

Silk?s skill rotation is numerous and will depend on the scenario of your battles and who your opponents are. But all in all, any skill rotation she uses is a good choice. Her web abilities and her fast attacks are all incorporated in each skill. It makes your enemies have a hard time escaping you.

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This Marvel Future Fight guide suggests that Silk is definitely a must-have for any player of this app. She can be used with ease and at the same time packs a mean punch. She is definitely not someone to be dealt lightly with.

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