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Marvel: Female Lead, Stan Lee News

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News in comics more recently had been that female readers are beginning to pay more and more attention to what they?re being given. In the case of DC Comics, as reported in The Bitbag, an 11-year old girl named Rowan voiced out her opinions regarding DC?s treatment of super heroines. While it remains to be seen what DC is going to do about it, Marvel?on the other hand?is thrust in the spotlight with their own treatment of their respective heroines.

Let us take a look at these two reports, then.

Marvel Comics, as per State News, is just about due for a female lead to breakout. At least Marvel has something in the works in terms of female superheroes, but Captain Marvel is still a bit far away. Let?s take a look at this report which has Black Widow?a heroine that already appeared in the Avengers?in the lead. Also, let?s take a look at this report from Towleroad. The legend Stan Lee speaks about his views on homosexuals in comics and why he personally wouldn?t have done anything about including them in his books.

Marvel Doing a DC?

Just some days after a child named Rowan wrote to DC saying there should be more female superheroes, this comes from State News.

It is, as per State News, an opinion piece about why Black Widow isn?t getting a movie while Captain Marvel?the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel?is. I tend to share in that opinion; while there are a whole lot of male superheroes leading the way in both studios? line-ups, there are only one or two female superhero movies in the list. It?s high time, I guess, to see female superheroes get more movies. After all, we?re living in modern times, are we not?

So may be, with the line-ups for Marvel seemingly set in stone, we may get to see Carol Danvers but not Natasha Romanova. However, as the author says, perhaps there?s still room after 2020 or within the next five years for a few movies involving female superheroes.

Stan Lee not open to a Gay Superhero?

Stan Lee came from a very different time, is what I could say.

This is, of course, not to blame him for his seeming lack of need to write a gay superhero. Of course, as per Towleroad, Stan Lee?s Marvel already has a lot of them. There?s?as per Towleroad?Beast, Colossus, and Northstar, as well as a whole lot of others. So I guess it doesn?t really mean anything that Stan Lee doesn?t see an immediate need to create another one to add?although he is open to the idea, if the need arises.

It seems fair to note that Stan Lee?s comments could be because there was a difference between the time he grew up and the times now. However, the fact that he would create a gay superhero if need be should be noted and he should be lauded for that.

Marvel?s moves, yet again

It?s hard to please a growing number of critics if you?re Marvel. However, with the signs of a seeming openness to do things the people want, Marvel is priming themselves to be even more of a people-pleaser of sorts. That should only serve them well, as they?re really giving what the people want?albeit it might be a few people, or not.


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