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Marvel: Disney Looking at Streaming Fantastic Four and other Movies

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What?s better than seeing a Marvel movie every now and then?

Why, having Marvel on demand, of course! Such a thing would bring Marvel movies and others such as trailers and re-runs at the tips of your fingertips. You could very well be escaping the cold outside by snuggling in front of the fire or of your PC, watching Marvel movies as they unfold. However, that?s not a possibility?yet. There?s a report from Consumerist, however, that may make this a possibility in a very short time. Imagine having Marvel while on the go.

Another article from Kotaku, however, explores the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. While Marvel?s movies sometimes eschew the sensibilities for a cheesy cohesiveness between films, the latest Fantastic Four movie is not in danger of doing that, thanks to a different director and studio. Fox did well in bringing to us an X-Men movie that was serious as it was fun; what will they bring with Fantastic Four this time around?

Marvel On-Demand

What do you think of a Marvel channel dedicated to bringing their movies to you?

Well, that?s the same thought Disney had. In this article that comes from Consumerist, it appears they?re trying to find way to make Marvel more efficient for everyone. Disney actually made the deal with Dish?s Sling TV, as per Consumerist, in order to bring their other channels?the Disney Channel, ABC Family, ESPN and ESPN 2, respectively?over to audiences who don?t like surfing cable channels for their movies.

It?s effective in the sense that it makes Disney?s cable channels accessible for those who?for some reason?don?t have traditional cable but has internet access, or for those who don?t like traditional cable altogether. Disney doesn?t appear to be stopping there, however, and they?ve went so far as to consider bringing Marvel and Star Wars into the fold, as per Consumerist.

A Very Normal Fantastic Four

In other Marvel news, Fantastic Four is almost upon us.

However, Kotaku explores in an article how normal this Fantastic Four seems?in terms of the grandstanding that Marvel Studios movies seems to have a liking to?and that?s fine, for some reason. While there?s genius in what Marvel has done so far?creating an inter-connected universe between movies?as per Kotaku, it seems normal is the keyword that would work for this Fantastic Four movie. Without the entire popcorn feel, it would serve as a fitting remake of a movie that didn?t quite live up to expectations the first time around.

As per Kotaku, Fantastic Four used to be a game-changer from the costumes to the identities. If the movie will become something of a game-changer in a universe of super-powered people, perhaps this is going to be the remake everyone wanted to see, after all.

A Permeating Marvel Universe

As it appears, Marvel is making sure that all bases are covered, whether it?s the big screen or the small screen?in the case of TVs and PCs. In the movies, meanwhile, Marvel should thank that they?ve licensed their other properties to other studios. This gives their movies a sense of diversity and a sort of independence in the way they?re done and presented to the public.


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