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Marvel DC VS Transformers Video – Watch How Every Superhero Beat Up Megatron in This Cool Mashup Trailer

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Image source Wikimedia CommonsBy U.S. Air Force photo/Brad Kimberly (USAF photo gallery (permalink)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Are you a fan of Marvel, DC and/or Transformers? If yes, then you better watch this awesome Marvel DC VS Transformers trailer mashup

Last week mashup video of Spider-Man and the Avengers was exhilarating. It showed us fans what Spidey would look like when he is fighting side by side with his brothers and sisters from the Marvel Universe. But now, there?s a new mashup video in town that will make each and every comic book geek in the world cry from joy, the mashup trailer movie for Marvel DC VS Transformers.

Watch Marvel DC VS Transformers mashup video

Credits to Alex Luthor YouTube page:

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Many geeks are probably wishing right now that this mashup movie is legit but sadly, no, it?s not. As you have seen in the trailer above, they are all taken from different movies from Marvel (Iron Man, Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America and Spider-Man), DC (The Flash (TV Series), Arrow (TV series), Superman and Batman) and Transformers (first movie, revenge of the fallen, darkside of the moon and the latest one, Transformers: Extinction).

Just like in The Avengers movie, here on this trailer, the antagonist (Megatron) is obsessed with the Tesseract and he is planning to take that artifact and use it to destroy the world. However, his plans for world domination have encountered some obstacles. Many superheroes from Marvel, DC and the Autobots have come to save the day and stop Megatron from his devious plans.

This was uploaded by Alex Luthor on YouTube last February 22, 2015. He also made a couple of videos with the same content, pitting other universes against each other. It was masterfully edited but there are still some scenes there that don?t make any sense. Don?t get me wrong though, even when there are a few miss and hit scenes, it is still a wonderful video to watch.

This might?ve gave a few geeks some hope that maybe one day, all network will come to an agreement and put every universe in one big battlefield. Sadly, that?s not going to happen?unless they compute the earnings they can receive from that movie then maybe they can at least reconsider it, just my two cents.

What do you think about the Marvel DC VS Transformers mashup video by Alex Luthor? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Image source Wikimedia Commons

By U.S. Air Force photo/Brad Kimberly (USAF photo gallery (permalink)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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