Marvel: Daniel Bruhl and Toby Stephens want a Piece of the Pie

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Still a long way away from Captain America: Civil War and already, people want a piece of the action.

Well, it?s Daniel Bruhl and Toby Stephens, respectively, who want in on the Marvel action. These two actors are known for very different things. Daniel Bruhl, however, a cast member of the Captain America movie, will finally be known as Baron Zemo?a pivotal enemy of Captain America and almost as bad of a villain as the Red Skull is. While the Red Skull is known as the quintessential Captain America villain, Baron Zemo comes a very close second. Io9 reports that Captain America will go toe-to-toe with the Baron in the latest film.

In other news, Toby Stephens didn?t mince words when he said he wanted in on the Marvel movies action. Marvel had built quite a diverse Universe in cinemas, and that didn?t escape the eyes of the Black Sails actor. Saying that he would almost certainly welcome any role?hero or villain?this Comic Book article shows us just how much he may want to be in a film concerning Marvel superheroes.

Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo

Finally, Baron Zemo will be making an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It may be belated, but Baron Zemo will be making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Baron Zemo, as you may know, became Captain America?s nemesis in the 60s revival. As per io9, during the course of time, however, Red Skull was also revived, resulting in the Nazi playing second-in-command to Red Skull, although he was a high official in Hydra. So it seems he arrives in time for Captain America: Civil War, where his role is currently unknown.

Bruhl?s Baron Zemo, as per io9, might be the descendant of the Baron Zemo of the 60s. However, let?s see what he might be when the film finally rolls around.

Toby Stephens in Marvel

Toby Stephens, who played the protagonist in A&E?s The Great Gatsby and a Bond Villain in Die Another Day, as per Comic Book, is making his presence felt in relation to a Marvel role.

Speaking to Radio Times through Comic Book, Stephens said Marvel is one franchise he would certainly love to belong to. He said that the movies themselves are fun to watch, and that there are a lot of things to look out for in terms of the movies and the characters that portray the heroes of the villains. He added, as per Comic Book, that he wouldn?t mind if asked to do a role?whether he plays a hero or a villain, it doesn?t matter.

Toby Stephens, however, is currently in the time of his life doing television. A guess is that he could perhaps start off with a role in a television series?Agent Carter or Agents of SHIELD, perhaps??before he goes on to do cinema roles for Marvel. He is doing a series, anyway; Starz? Black Sails, actually.

Line ?Em Up

Marvel movies seems to be appealing not just to audiences, but to the actors and actresses who might portray heroes or villains, perhaps. Toby Stephens and Daniel Bruhl are just two in a growing list of actors and actresses who?ve expressed interested in playing a part in Marvel?s growing Cinematic Universe. How about the others, what are their thoughts?


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